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Jump Kick Control Panel

With the Jump Kick Control Panel, you can make basic changes to your site content without having to pay over-priced fees. The control panel is easy to use and allows you to make everyday changes to your site without being at the mercy of an "on call" web designer.

What if you mess up the site?

Unlike most web control panels which are primarily built for web designers, the Jump Kick Control Panel separates out content and style, so you can make basic edits to the text/images on your site without having to worry about messing up the site architecture or design styles.

Avoid Over Priced Maintenance Fees

Why Pay for Basic Edits?

Web designers have for years been making a lot of money off of clients for the most basic of edits, and the work is usually done at a time frame determined by the web designer. So basically, you pay $100 for someone to add a comma and it takes 7-10 days to get done. If you can edit a word document, you should be able to make basic changes to your site's content when you want to, without paying overpriced maintenance fees.

What about Wordpress?

Wordpress is a popular platform, however it often tries to be a "one size fits all" solution, which gives too much power to everyday users and is too restrictive to web designers. Users can pretty easily mess up their website, and a Wordpress website often becomes a "Frankenstein site" where functionality is achieved by mixing different plugins created by different developers, often with undesired results.

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