Responsive Website Design

Old School

Back in beginning days of web design, websites were static designs that usually operated on a similar sized desktop screen. Web designers would design pages for the "least common denominator," where all websites had a set width, and worst case scenario there would be extra space on each side of the design.

Mid School

With the coming of mobile technology, website designers were quick to realize that their traditional desktop designs would no longer work on mobile phones. As such, they created an "alternative" design for mobile phones, where sites would have a completely separate mobile website that was optimized for mobile users.

New School

Having multiple websites started to become increasingly annoying, where every time you wanted to make a simple change, i.e. update a logo or a phone number, you would have to do that to two different websites. The current trend is referred to as a "responsive website", where there is only one site, and the structure is designed to "flex" with the device. This means the content can adjust and stack to whatever screen size it's on.

Target Your Audience

Understand Your User

When websites are created from stock templates or by inexperienced designers/developers, there is often a disconnect between the presentation of the site and the objectives of the site user. Why is the user on your site? What are they trying to accomplish? What are you trying to accomplish? Having an understanding of these questions will help us create a site that's optimized with your users in mind.

Design With a Purpose

A beautiful website by itself is just that, something that looks good to the user. The question is, does it do anything? Most website owners would feel relatively unaccomplished if their users only left with a feeling of "wow that looks nice." Design with a purpose identifies your goals and implements them into the core of the user experience, which helps lead to increased conversions and a better return on investment.

Web Hosting

At Jump Kick, we also offer a wide variety of web hosting solutions for your website or web applications. Our website hosting is managed through a virtual private server that gives us maximum configuration for how the site can be deployed, using custom modules that are unavailable to many shared hosting users. Feel free to check out our hosting options today.

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